Alpaca Cafe – Come & Have Wheel Pie & Coffee!

What new that surprised me my friends opened a coffee shop in the United States. Here, let me introduce my friends’ coffee shop location and information.

About Alpaca Cafe

Alpaca Cafe - America Coffee Wheel Pies

Found in 2019, a group of Taiwanese younger committed to creating incredible desserts and making professional coffee. An idea came from Taiwan’s alpaca restaurant, which means you can have a great meal with cute Alpaca stay around you. Not only look at these alpacas (and yeah, alpacas are looking at you), but you can also feed grass to them in the restaurant.

It sounds like a unique atmosphere, right? With this image, these Taiwanese youngers created a logo by using Alpaca, a pretty, relaxed, lazy feeling chill out of your stress. Alpaca image mixed Taiwanese wheel pies and a cup of coffee. Boom, the youngest energized dessert cafe store, opened in the United States, California, City of Industry.

They start their first cafe store in the Puente Hills Mall, floor 0; you can go there easily. Just park your car in the mall parking area, walk around the shopping mall on every floor, go to Alpaca Cafe, have a break, and order some desserts and a cup of coffee or fruit tea. Make this sweet stuff fill in your afternoon!

Location: 1600 S Azusa Ave #162, City of Industry, CA 91748 (Puente Hills Mall)

Tel: +1 (626)-602-0002

What Do They sell in Alpaca Cafe?

I had some wheel pies and coffee before. However, after I reviewed their menu, I thought it combined traditional Taiwanese desserts and a great cup of coffee or tea. They sell coffee and fruit tea, and various wheel pies, which mention traditional desserts from Taiwan. So, let’s see what stuff they sell.

Check the items and prices below:


Hot Americano (M)$3.50
Iced Americano (M)$3.50
Hot Latte (M)$4.25
Ice Latte (M)$4.25
Hot Vanilla Latte (M)$4.50
Iced Vanilla Latte (M)$4.50
Hot Cafe Mocha (M)$4.50
Iced Cafe Mocha (M)$4.50
Matcha Coffee Au Lait$4.50
Uptown Cold Brew (M)$4.00
Milano Cold Brew (M)$4.00
Alpaca Coffee Slush (L)$5.25

Alpaca Specials

Happy Alpaca (M)$4.50
Crazy Alpaca (M)$4.50

Fruit Teas

Strawberry Slush (L)$5.50
Blueberry Slush (L)$5.50
Alpaca Fruit Tea (L)$5.45
Peach Black Tea (L)$5.39
Passion Fruit Tea (L)$5.39
Mango Green Tea (L)$5.39

Fresh Milk Tea

Alpaca Boba Milk Tea$5.25
No.21 Black Fresh Milk Tea (L)$4.99
Jasmine Green Fresh Milk Tea (L)$4.99
Rice Oolong Fresh Milk Tea (L)$4.99
Alpine Green Fresh Milk Tea (L)$4.99
Matcha With Milk (L)$4.75
Thai Tea With Milk (L)$4.50
Taro Boba Milk Tea (L)$4.85

Formosan Tea

No.21 Black Tea (L)$4.15
Jasmine Green Tea (L)$4.15
Rice Oolong Tea (L)$4.15
Alpine Green (L)$4.15
The Cool Alpaca (L)$5.25
Honey Green Tea (L)$4.50

Cheese Creama + tea

Cheese + No.21 Black Tea (L)$5.15
Cheese + Jasmine Green Tea (L)$5.15
Cheese + Rice Oolong Tea (L)$5.15
Cheese + Alpine Green Tea (L)$5.15

It’s time for Wheel Pies

Smooth Custard$3.00
Sweet Red Bean$3.00
Very Matcha$3.00
Custard & Boba$3.25
Red Bean & Boba$3.25
Matcha & Boba$3.25
Custard & Red Bean$3.25
Matcha & Red Bean$3.25
Cheesy Corn$3.25
Dried Radish$3.50
Blueberry Cheesecake$3.50
Frozen Blueberry Cheesecake$3.50


Brown Sugar Boba With Milk (M)$4.90
Red Bean With Milk (M)$4.50
Alpaca Red Bean Milk Slush (L)$5.25
Hot Chocolate With Milk (M)$3.50

Hot Tea / Milk Tea

Hot No.21 Black Jade (M)$3.15
Hot Jasmine Green Tea (M)$3.15
Hot Rice Oolong (M)$3.15
Hot No.21 Black Fresh Milk Tea (M)$3.99
Hot Jasmine Fresh Milk Tea (M)$3.99
Hot Rice Oolong Fresh Milk Tea (M)$3.99

My Opinions for Wheel Pies

Alpaca Cafe - America Wheel Pies with Boba

It’s just my personal experience after tasting their desserts and coffee. Make me feel like I’m in Taiwan, especially when I eat wheel pies.

You know that bubble tea, and you know it’s from Taiwan, a tasty tea they make a milk tea and add something sweet boba that looks like pearls made of rice, seems black or white but tastes sweet, looks like bubbles, so call it bubble tea. But they added boba to the wheel pie; what a fantastic made dessert I never eat before! I enjoyed the boba wheel pies; they look unique and tasty!

Another flavor of wheel pies is blueberry. When you first bite it, how sweet taste of it, and that purple color make this wheel pie looks like purple crystal; incredible stuff, I love it!

My Opinions for the Tea Coffee

Alpaca Cafe - America Coffee & Fruit Tea

You should have a cup of coffee with the boba wheel pies and blueberry wheel pies.

Typically people orders a Latte or Americano for their first-day cup, but I must say, it’s too dull.

You should try Alpaca Specials, which means Happy Alpaca or Crazy Alpaca. My first order was Happy Alpaca, a coffee mix tea. Cold Brew Coffee, I like it, but it is mixed with Jasmine Green Tea, this kind of tea is from Taiwan, with more thickness tea smelling with it, and not dry, with a very smooth taste.

I like to drink iced coffee with milk, but it makes with Taiwanese tea, you should not miss it.

Don’t Miss Taiwanese Tea

If you are tired of coffee, I recommend you order No.21 Black Tea or Jasmine Green Tea, both have a smooth taste, good smells, balance with your wheel pies, and not much more calories for you, so I think it’s a good idea for the afternoon tea time.

Another kind of tea is the Fruits Tea series which you should not miss!

My girlfriend ordered a Strawberry Slush and added 25% sugar. They make it with strawberries, mixed with green tea, and topped with cheese creama. Although she feels surprised after the first taste, she loves that kind of sweetness; the strawberry flavor is thick, has no chemicals, and is an original fruit. But I don’t want her to add extra sugar next time!

The tea mixed with cheese creama is another unique make; you can enjoy the smooth tea smells and have a little bit of salty when you drink it, with different flavors flowing in your mouth; what a fantastic tea experience!

My Thaught

Why do I recommend this cafe store, especially in the shopping mall? Drinking coffee is a common sense, well-known culture in the United States. However, you rarely buy a cup of coffee from a foreign cafe store, and it’s not usual in American life, just like you rarely eat traditional and locally Japanese sushi. There’s not much stuff that mentions different cultures from Taiwan that you can see in the United States.

And one particular thing is my Taiwanese friends opened this cafe store; they moved to America with their parents a dozen years ago. I rarely see people from Taiwan who own a business in a different country. That’s not easy to hold everything on, and they must overcome a new language they never speak. But, as an Asia resident living in North America, I thumb up and encourage them to move forward.

I want to order their Custard & Boba (boba wheel pies) and Happy Alpaca; what about you?